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  • Outsmart competition with the best sales incentive on the market
  • Build Client Loyalty with a Massage Gift Voucher
  • Close Deals 

In the competitive world of luxury real estate, building and maintaining strong relationships with potential clients is crucial for success. Clever relationship management goes beyond simply exchanging business cards; it's about fostering genuine connections, understanding individual needs, and providing exceptional service.

One effective way to strengthen relationships with high-net-worth individuals is through the use of sales incentives. These incentives, when thoughtfully implemented, can serve as tangible expressions of appreciation and help push prospects towards making a final decision.

Introducing Helen's corporate Massage services 
Your secret weapon for creating a positive "feel-good" vibe that will make your clients more receptive to your negotiation proposals.

Helen is a commercial all-rounder and her skills go beyond being solely a skilled massage therapist; she's an accomplished businesswoman with a keen understanding of marketing strategies. Her extensive education and diverse experience in maintaining high-quality customer interactions ensure that your clients will have an exceptional and positive experience while engaging with her. 


For discerning clientele seeking luxury real estate in Cyprus, consider offering Massage Gift Vouchers as a unique and pampering sales incentive. These vouchers not only demonstrate your attentiveness to their well-being but also seamlessly align with the luxurious lifestyle they envision.

Helen's corporate massage service has consistently demonstrated its effectiveness in fostering a positive mindset among potential clients. By incorporating "Massage by Helen" service into your sales strategy, you're creating a memorable experience for your client that will leave a lasting impression. Your clients will associate you with a sense of well-being and relaxation, making them more open to pursuing an investment with you rather than a competitor. By creating a positive atmosphere, you can expedite the decision-making process and secure the deal before your competitors catch on.

The Psychology of Reciprocity


When you extend a generous gift like a Massage Gift Voucher, you tap into the powerful principle of reciprocity. The recipient feels an obligation to reciprocate your kindness, making them more receptive to your business proposal.

Moreover, offering a Massage Gift Voucher signals that you value their time and well-being, further strengthening the personal connection you've cultivated.

Massage Gift Vouchers: A Win-Win Proposition

Incorporating Massage Gift Vouchers into your sales strategy offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Massage Gift Vouchers create a sense of exclusivity and pampering, leaving a lasting positive impression on potential clients.

  • Nurture Relationships: Thoughtful gestures like Massage Gift Vouchers foster goodwill and strengthen bonds with clients, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

  • Differentiate Your Brand: By offering Massage Gift Vouchers, you set your brand apart from competitors, demonstrating a commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences.

Boost Sales 


Massage Gift Vouchers can serve as a subtle yet effective nudge towards closing deals, as clients express gratitude and feel more inclined to make a purchase

Discreet Luxury: From Voucher to Unparalleled Relaxation


My commitment to discretion and providing top-notch massage experiences for your clients is paramount. I've carefully designed a seamless process. To meet the high expectations of your esteemed clientele, I specially crafted "Travel Fatigue Massage," a comprehensive massage tailored to address the unique needs of travelers. The "Travel Fatigue Massage" is available at an extraordinary price of €200. Hereby I visit your client in the privacy of his or her own hotel room or apartment, whereby I am available until late in the evening.


Step 1: Discreet Acquisition of Gift Vouchers

I am the proud owner and manager of two distinct massage brands:

At 'Best Massage Cyprus,' I have established a reputation for providing physiotherapeutic and medical-related massages, catering to those seeking relief from pain and discomfort as well wellness related massages designed to promote stress reduction. Conversely, at 'Massage by Helen', I specialise in providing exotic Oriental Massages, designed to evoke the tranquility, sensuality and rejuvenation of the Orient.

Both brands offer the convenience of purchasing Gift Vouchers. Same value Gift Vouchers purchased at "Best Massage Cyprus" can be swapped for a massage at "Massage by Helen" and vice versa without any further hassle. This includes the "Travel Fatigue Massage".


Step 2: Presenting the Gift Voucher with Style

Present the Massage Gift Voucher to your client with a touch of finesse, emphasizing their well-being and appreciation. Phrases like "for your personal well-being," "enjoy the relaxation you deserve," "compliments from our company," and "may I offer this, a sign of our appreciation for our most valued customers," will enhance the value of the gift.


Step 3: Client Activation and Scheduling

Your client can contact me directly to activate the Gift Voucher or I can reach out to him, it is what you prefer. I'll work closely with your client to schedule a massage at a time that suits his convenience, up until the late evening hours.


Step 4: Unveiling the Massage Options

Upon connecting with the client, I will discreetly present them with the option to swap "same-value" massage: "Travel Fatigue Massage" from the 'Best Massage Cyprus' brand and either one of the Oriental Massages from the 'Massage by Helen' brand. The client's final decision will be kept entirely confidential.


Step 5: Unleashing the Top-Notch Experience

I excel in delivering exceptional massage experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. I will personalize the massage to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring a truly luxurious and memorable experience.

Why collaborate with me?

  • Personalized service: I work on a personal basis, without a nine-to-five mentality. I take the time to get to know each of my clients and their individual needs.

  • Unique massages: My massages are all unique and exclusive and not available anywhere else in Cyprus. Wether the physical helpful "Travel Fatigue Massage", or the relaxing power of my exotic Oriental Massages, where ancient wisdom meets modern trends, I have mastered all the techniques to perfection.

  • Convenient timing: I visit my clients until late in the evening, in the privacy of their hotel room or apartment when they are most relaxed.

  • I am the exclusive European distributor of the upmarket and high-quality Japanese massage oil brand "Ancient Nuru Oil." This massage oil is released in Europe under my personal brand name, "Massage Oil by Helen V." and I sell it throughout Europe. I also use this exclusive massage oil during my massages.


This all creates a sense of exclusivity and attention that is unmatched. By partnering with me, you provide your clients with discreet access to top-notch massage experiences, further strengthening their loyalty to your brand. I am committed to exceeding expectations and creating positive memories that will be forever associated with your company

A Partnership that Elevates Client Experiences


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