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Medical Massages

Medical forms of massage are aimed at pain and limitations. These massages are always used in combination with strength and/or stretching exercises, which you can also do at home, or in combination with technical procedures by the physiotherapist (mobilizations). Medical massages are aimed at loosening tissue, improving blood circulation, and stimulating your body's own repair mechanisms. 

The right massage for every complaint

Medical Massage by Helen specializes in deep tissue treatments and advanced massage therapies. We offer therapeutic massages that can help you recover from injuries, reduce pain and stress.

We use the following treatment techniques individually or in combination:

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage is the latest trend in exotic treatments which incorporates bamboo stalks of various lengths. With the bamboo sticks I can penetrate deeply into the tissues, adjusting the pressure, and using traditional techniques such as gliding, rolling, kneading and friction to melt tension away. 

Neck and shoulder 

Many people suffer from neck pain every day. There can be many causes for this annoying complaint.

Professional Sport Massage

Are you an athlete living in the Limassol area? You know how important it is to take care of your body. Best Massage Cyprus is therefore happy to offer you a personalized and specialized sports massage in Limassol.

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Deep Tissue 

Best Massage Cyprus is an expert in targeted treatments and massages. One specialized massage that we offer is deep tissue massage. This can help me address problems that are located in the deeper, soft tissue of the body.


Best Massage Cyrus is the best medical massage therapist in Limassol. I use a specialized and personal approach to my work. Before each massage and treatment, I listen carefully to your wants and needs and then customize the treatment accordingly.

Trigger Point 

A trigger point is a tight muscle knot that can cause pain. In this massage, the trigger points are located and deep pressure is applied to a small area using deep tissue techniques.

Best Massage Cyprus
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